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Daydreamer pre-roll single (Lucy’s)

$6.00 $5.00

daydreamer pre-roll single (Lucy’s)
Price: $5.00

Weight 0.5 G
Cannabis Type Sativa
Grown Sun Grown
Type Of Product Preroll



(Last Updated On: 5th February 2019)

Daydreamer pre-roll single (Lucy’s)

Daydreamer pre-roll single (Lucy’s)

Up Up and Away! An uplifting buzz to energize your day. Enjoy a sweet and smooth Sativa with a floral finish. Lucy’s Pre-Rolls are made from only the finest 100% cannabis flower, no shake. We hand select genetics based on taste and effect, to provide for a very specific experience. Our innovative process creates machine rolled joints that are packed to perfection, giving you the ultimate hit. Lucy’s Pre-Rolls are always lab tested and approved for your safety.


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